Sworn Translation of MoUs, Agreements, Statutes, Notary Deeds

Several companies, private institutions, and government agencies frequently form partnerships with foreign parties from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Of course, various supporting documents are required to carry out this collaboration so that it can perform efficiently. Sworn translators are generally required to translate cross-border cooperation documents.

An introduction letter, offer letter or quotation, order or purchase order, work order or SPK, complaint letter, billing letter or invoice, Memorandum of Understanding or MOU, and many other forms of supporting documents are included in the cooperation agreement.

Procedure for Ordering Sworn Translations

  • Clients send scanned images of documents through email to cs@penerjemahjakarta.com or WA 08122712110, along with a complete mailing address.
  • Our office provides an estimate for the cost and processing time of the documents sent previously.
  • If the client accepts the cost and processing time offered, a 50% down payment or full payment is necessary. Alternatively, you can issue a Purchase Order or a Work Order.
  • After that, the translation order is processed, and the draft translation result is emailed to the customer before the deadline.
  • The customer confirms that the sworn translation draft matches the original in terms of identity, numbering, calendar, nominal worth of money, figures, and so on, and then make the full payment.
  • A sworn translator prints and stamps the accepted draft of the translation. The softcopy will be sent through email, while the hardcopy will be sent to the address provided by your company.

There is no need to take the Indonesian English Sworn Translator Documents of MoU, Agreement, Statute, and Notary Deed to a notary again because the signature and stamp of the Indonesian English Sworn Translator are comparable to notary legalization.

In addition, specimens of Indonesian English Sworn Translator signatures and stamps have been formally registered. Because it is registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as foreign embassies, consulates, and trade offices in Indonesia. So that the document’s translation results can be accepted by third parties and there is no doubt that the contents are accurate and consistent with the original.

How Can the Signatures and Stamps of a Translator Become Legal?

Documents of MOU, Agreement, Statute, and Notary Deed prepared by an Indonesian English Sworn Translator do not receive a free signature and stamp, but must first pass a test stage. The exam in question is the Translator Qualification Examination, which is held at the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Cultural Sciences in Jakarta.

A translator must achieve a high score in order for the Governor of DKI Jakarta to issue a Decree as a Sworn Translator for Indonesian English Documents of MOU, Agreement, Statute, and Notary Deed, allowing him to translate essential documents for use abroad or dealing with third parties.

MOU Documents, Agreements, Statutes, and Notary Deeds are among the types of documents that the Penerjemah Jakarta can handle. One of the most reputable and high-quality sworn translation services in Bekasi. Please dial the following contact for consultations and reservations.

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