Sworn translation is when a professional translator with a sworn translator’s decree translates documents into a target language. The translator received the SK after passing a series of exams in Jakarta, with the SK being issued by the Governor of DKI Jakarta.

Sworn Translation Document

Sworn translation is also known as legal translation/authorized translation. The results of sworn translations have footnotes stating that the document has been translated properly and correctly and the translation results are in accordance with the original. There is an email address and the official website of the translation agency for correspondence if outsiders need to crosscheck.

The wet stamp of the translator (the entire name and number of the Decree of Appointment as Translator) and the translator’s original signature are also applied to the bottom of the translation results. There is no need to take it to a notary again because the translator’s signature and stamp are equivalent to being legalized by a notary.

However, it should be noted again, if it is stated that a notary legalization is required, then a notary legalization can be requested. Notaries can usually only issue legality in one of two languages: Indonesian or English.

Furthermore, the results of sworn translations, signature and official seal has been translated as signed and sealed, so the officials responsible do not need to be questioned again. Penerjemah Jakarta uses a double crosscheck mechanism because the document is so important. In addition to being validated by translators and office employees, the draft of the translation result will be emailed to the client before printing the stamp. Errors that occur in the translation can cause problems at immigration, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Embassy.

Documents Translated by a Sworn Translator

Sworn translated documents can vary, for example, are official company documents. All documents that use a letterhead or contain a signature and stamp of approval, usually must be translated by a sworn translator. For example, cooperation agreement letters, business formation deeds, accounts payable, company NPWP, company establishment licensing documents, memorandums of understanding, sale and purchase agreements, and so on.

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