Nowadays, doing business doesn’t have a spatial limitation anymore. Since the era of e-commerce, trade activity can be done across nations or even continents. Ordering items overseas can be done easily in minutes, and you can get your order received in days. Even some of the e-commerce have a same-day delivery service.

The use of company profile document

The first step in participating in international commercial activity is to make your company known to the rest of the world. Therefore, having a company profile translation service to translate your company profile into various languages is a must. To make it easier for foreign prospective customers to access your company information, a translation service is required to translate company profile information.  And thus, it will make business opportunity get wider since your company profile can reach people with different languages and nationalities.

Other than published in company’s website, company profile is also often used as attachment in offering letter to prospective customer. Company introduction is also a required document that should be provided. The company profile is also translated to the prospective customer’s language.

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