Partnership is an important aspect in doing business. Through a partnership, you can get a partner to exchange knowledge or expertise, expand networking, and even reach a wider market.

A partnership is often built on mutual benefit and trust. To begin a partnership, each business owner should frequently present their worth and the mutual benefit of the partnership. The other presentation materials that should be presented usually consist of company profile, financial reports, resources, rules and responsibility of the partnership, etc. Therefore, the presentation of the partnership’s details should be clear and easy to understand.

Translation service for company document

If a company wants to build a partnership internationally, all information regarding the partnership should be understood by both parties. Thus, important information such as; company profile, partnership offering letter, partnership details and presentation materials should be translated. So, presentation materials translation service is needed.

Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional translation company that can assist you in translating presentation materials and other documents.  We have translated company profile, offering letter, MoU, deed of agreement, etc. To translate authorized company documents, Penerjemah Jakarta also provide sworn authorized translation service.

If you require interpreter for your business meeting, Penerjemah Jakarta also provide interpretation service. We provide professional interpreter and remote sign language interpreter. Our interpreter is experienced in handling many events, such us business meeting, international conference, international seminar, webinar, etc.

So, if you require interpretation service or presentation materials translation service from English to Indonesian or another language, you can reach our contacts below. You can check for translation samples and portfolios in our website ( or our social media. If you want to see our client’s reviews, please visit our Google Business Profile.

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