Middle Eastern countries are included in the top destinations to get a higher education. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey are Middle Eastern countries with top-ranking universities that might be chosen to get a higher education. This is due to the fact that universities in the Middle East provide a lot of scholarships for foreign students. The topics that can be studied also vary, such as natural and social science, nursing, geology, history, archaeology, economy, international relations, etc.

Studying and applying for scholarships to universities in Middle Eastern countries requires you to understand Arabic. Since most Middle Eastern countries use Arabic as their main language, the study program will be held in Arabic, even some study programs may be held in English.

Documents required to apply for universities or scholarships are also usually written or translated into Arabic. Therefore, having an Arabic translation service provider is a must if you want to study abroad. The Arabic translation service provider will help you to translate registration documents, course material, books, and anything that you need to study in the Middle East.

Professional Arabic Translation Service

Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional translation company that can provide an Arabic translation service. Penerjemah Jakarta has worked with individuals, private organizations, government institutions, NGOs, etc. to provide translation services. Our services can help you to translate documents, academic notes, books, journals, presentations, and many more. We can also provide translation services to various languages including Arabic, Mandarin, Dutch, Bahasa, etc.

If you want to study in the Middle East and need a professional Arabic translation service, we will be delighted to help. You can check our portfolios on our website or our social media. For further information and order, you can reach us through our contacts below.

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