A professional company often needs a translation service. The translation service is needed either for administration, as a product (such as a manual for products), or for company management.

Administration documents such as company profiles, business certificates, permits, etc. should be translated and delivered into local and international languages. Company management documents such as operational procedures, rules, charts, etc, should also be translated especially in an international company. The translation of those documents should be done meticulously with an accurate, professional, and high-quality translation.

Other documents that need an even more strict translation qualification are legal documents translated by a sworn translator. The characteristics of these legal documents are the header of the documents containing the institution/company/organization name or logo. These kinds of documents should be translated by a sworn translator to get the legal power of law.

Legal and professional translation agency</strong>

A company or agency that can provide a professional and high-quality translation service is a legal translation agency. A legal translation agency is a translation service provider registered as a legal business in the translation field. The service provided by a legal translation agency should be done by experienced professionals in translation. The translation quality is also guaranteed by the translator’s qualification and certificate. The translators in a legal translation agency are registered and certified by Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia to provide general translation. A legal translation agency can also provide a sworn translation service by a sworn translator if needed.

Quantum Penerjemah Jakarta is a legal translation agency under the legal company of PT. Inspirasi Citra Multi Jasa. As a professional translation agency, Quantum Penerjemah Jakarta is experienced in providing professional translation services since 2004.

Penerjemah Jakarta also has worked with private institutions, governments, and NGOs to provide translation services. The legal documents that were translated by Penerjemah Jakarta for companies are tax documents, deed of establishment, MoUs, business licenses, letter of debt, trade agreement, company shares documents, etc.

Penerjemah Jakarta is also experienced in translating personal and academic documents. Personal legal documents examples are ID, birth certificate, domicile letter, wedding certificate, prenuptial agreement, etc. Academic legal documents such as graduation report, graduation certificate, grade transcript, etc, were also translated by Penerjemah Jakarta.

If you need the services of a legal translation agency, feel free to contact Penerjemah Jakarta. We are also open for partnership with companies and institutions. You can check our portfolios on our website (www.penerjemahjakarta.com) or our social media. For further information please contact our customer service via our contacts below.

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