A deed of establishment is a document about a company establishment that was made by the founder of a company. The deed of establishment contains a company profile, an agreement to establish a company, and an article of association. The article of association that accompanied the deed of establishment was filled with important matters regarding regulation in company establishment.

The deed of establishment functions as a company legal profile. The deed of establishment is also required to get the other legal business documents. Other legal business documents such as trade business license, operational license, tax documents, export-import documents, etc, require a deed of establishment.

As a legal document, a deed of establishment should be approved by the law. Therefore, it should be made by the company’s founder in front of a notary. The notarial deed is then submitted by the notary to get approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

A deed of establishment should be written in Indonesian language according to Article 7 Law 40/2007 of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights decree. Therefore, if you plan to use the deed of establishment for international business documents, you should have it translated. The translation of a deed of establishment should be done by a sworn translator. That is because the document has legal power since it was made by a notary.

Professional translation services

A sworn translator is a certified translator who has taken an oath to give a high-quality translation. A document that was translated by a sworn translator has the sworn translator sign and stamp. The stamp indicated that the translation is guaranteed to be correct and is also equal to being legalized by a notary.

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