A delegation is an individual or group representative to join a meeting or event. On a national scale, a delegation of a country may visit another country for diplomatic or partnership purposes.

The delegation of a nation usually involves high-ranking government officials representing the nation’s leader. For example, a delegation can be represented by a Minister, Ambassador, head of state, etc. The delegation then will have a meeting with cabinet-level leaders accompanied by the Chancellor or the person in charge.

In a meeting between an international delegation and Indonesian leader, there will be an interpreter who works as a language bridge. The interpreter will ensure that the communication between parties runs smoothly and effectively. An interpreter works by translating a speech verbally into the listeners’ or audiences’ language.

There are 2 ways or techniques of interpreting, that is consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. In consecutive interpretation, the speech will be translated after the speaker stops speaking. On the other hand, in simultaneous interpretation, the speech will be translated as the speaker speaks. In an important meeting between nations’ delegations, the simultaneous interpreter service is preferred.

The simultaneous interpreter needs a set of tools known as the simultaneous interpreter system (SIS). The tools consist of a wireless receiver with a headset used by the listener, a transmitter, and a sound input device. In this setting, the interpreters will do their job in a booth, it is usually located on the corner of the meeting hall.

Professional Interpreter Service for delegation’s visit

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