One of the documents which is needed for a foreigner to marry in Indonesia is a certificate of no impediment to marriage (shortened CONI or CNI). This certificate shows that someone has no obstacles to marriage. Other names of this document are a letter of legal capacity to marry, certificate of unmarried status, certificate of marital status, certificate of single status, etc. Having this certificate means that someone has the right to hold a marriage legally in another country.

If you are a foreigner, you will require a certificate of no impediment to marriage in Indonesia. This document is issued by your country’s embassy. This document should be legally translated into the Indonesian language using the service of a sworn translator.

Professional translator for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

A sworn translator is a professional translator who has a professional qualification and has sworn an official oath to deliver a high-quality translation. The stamp and signature of a sworn translator on the document’s translation is legal and has the power of law. It means that the translation is as legal as being legalized by a notary. This is to ensure that the translation of your document has no faults and has the same meaning as the original document.

After being translated by a sworn translator, the document then can be used to apply for marriage in Indonesia. To apply for a marriage, you can send the documents needed to the Office of Religious Affairs. Religious Affairs manages the legal marriage process in Indonesia.

Quantum Penerjemah Jakarta is a company which can provide a sworn translator service for your certificate of no impediment to marriage in Indonesia. Our sworn translators are professionals who have the qualifications and have taken an oath as a sworn translator. The translation of your document that was translated by our sworn translator will be a legal document and can be used to marry in Indonesia.   

If you need a sworn translation service to translate your certificate of no impediment to marriage in Indonesia, we will gladly help you. You can reach our customer services and ask them for information and order. We wish you a happy marriage and a happy life with your partner!

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