Simultaneous Typing Interpreter

Simultaneous typing interpretation (STI) is a kind of interpretation in which an interpreter simultaneously translates what the speaker is saying to the original language or to the target language, the translation results are displayed in text form.

This service is also commonly used for virtual meetings. Participants will hear the speaker’s original voice with live subtitles when using this service. As a result, the interpreter creates subtitles for the speakers on the moment, along with the material presented by the speaker.

The event organizer does not need to provide a verbal interpretation option on the platform while using the simultaneous typing interpretation service. For displaying live subtitles, the organizers just need to discuss with the platform technician or service provider of the meeting platform that will be utilized.

Simultaneous Typing Interpreter Service Provider

Not every translation service employs interpreters who are qualified as professional interpreters. As a result, you’ll need to choose an interpreting service provider who has a track record of being both experienced and competent.

Penerjemah Jakarta is a language service provider that offers a solution for your needs, one of them is interpreter services. We provide services depending on the requirements of the customers, including ​simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous typing interpreter, and sign language interpretation.

The required services will be specified according to the event’s concept. If you already have a plan for the event, interpretation services can be adjusted to match your needs. Alternatively, you can consult with our staff to determine which service to utilize. We will be pleased to assist you.


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