Language Translation Services

Our team will provide reliable solution for your translation needs. We hire professional members with wide ranging experience in their respective fields to ensure that you get the best translation results.

General Translation

General Translation refers to the translation of non-specialized texts that have no technical difficulties. The language used must also be natural without technical terms. Most documents classified as general translation are presentation materials, brochures, product manuals, webpage, journal, etc.

Sworn Translation

Sworn Translation of a document, also called Legal Translation, is endorsed by the signature and seal of a sworn translator who is authorized by the foreign office to translate legal documents, by virtue of which they assume legal responsibility for the faithfulness and accuracy of translation content. Most common documents classified as sworn translation are notarial certificates, business licenses, memorandum of understanding, partnership contracts, marriage certificates, etc.

Proofreading Services

Putting your thoughts on paper is only the first step in academic writing. You must also use the appropriate tone, persuade your readers of your arguments, and comply to your field’s standards and conventions. All of your study-related documents can be proofread and edited by us. When you choose our proofreading service, your editor will use Word’s track changes and comments to correct mistakes and provide in-text feedback.

Transcription Services

We offer a complete solution to obtain more value from your recorded audio, in addition to converting audio and video to text files. If you require transcription services, we can assist you in finding a solution that will ensure that your content is enjoyed by audiences all over the world. Native English speakers provide our services, this means that instead of just the words, they can transcribe and then translate your message.

Language Interpretation Services

We provide professional language interpretation services, such as onsite event interpreting and remote interpreting. We will assist you in making your event a success which language barriers is no longer exist.

Working with professional team, we will deliver excellent services for supporting your needs. The services we provide include:

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Simultaneous typing interpretation

Consecutive Interpreting

The most common type of interpretation work is consecutive interpreting. The interpreter converts the words into the target language after the speaker has delivered one or two sentences in consecutive interpreting. Before continuing with their speech, the speaker pauses and waits for the interpreter to deliver the message. Consecutive interpreting is convenient for smaller meetings, classes, and training events, as well as business talks or interviews.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting involves the interpreter conversing with the speaker at the same time in order to relay what he or she is saying to other speakers who do not speak the same language. The interpreter speaks what the speaker says into the target language in real time, without interrupting the speaker’s flow. Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of specialized equipment. Simultaneous interpreting is the preferred method of interpreting at conferences with multilingual speakers or viewers, international organizations with government officials, and multinational company business meetings.

Sign Language Interpreting

Sign language is visual communication, using hand signals, gestures, body language, and facial expressions. It is the primary form of communication of people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Sign language interpreting guarantees the participation of people with hearing difficulties in business meetings, events, conferences, lectures, and other similar activities.

Simultaneous Typing Interpretation

Simultaneous typing interpretation is a type of interpretation in which an interpreter interprets and translates at the same time, but the translation results are delivered in written form. This service is also commonly used for virtual meetings. As a result, the interpreter on duty creates subtitles for the presenters along with the material presented by the speaker. Participants will hear the speaker’s original voice with live subtitles when using this service.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

The success of a project involving simultaneous interpretation depends on the quality of interpreters and interpretation equipment.

We provide services with UHF based equipment for delivering better sound quality in a large venue and a location with high interference.

UHF Wireless Receiver

Members of the audience use UHF Wireless multi-channel receivers equipped with headset so they can listen to the speaker in their native language.

Interpreter Console and Headphone

Our interpreter consoles incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technology and most advanced features available to assist interpreters with their job every step of the way. The modern design has been specifically developed to ensure interpreters have complete control.

Transmitter and Mixer

A transmitter has a great coverage range, and in general, the tuning is more precise. That means that with a transmitter more channels can be used in one room, and you´ll get better sound quality.

2-Person Portable Interpretation Booth

Our interpreter booth provides complete sound isolation. It is a fully enclosed and accommodates one or two interpreters. Lightweight construction makes for easier. The design has an integrated working surface and air ventilation. The external measurements are W 1,5m x L 1,5 m x H 2m.

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