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Trading Business Permit (SIUP) is a license provided to individuals, businesses, cooperatives, partnerships, or other business entities to conduct trading business on the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. They can have SIUP while complying to all applicable legislation and fulfilling requirements. SIUP is issued based on the domicile of the business entity’s owner or person in charge. SIUP serves as a tool or evidence of validation for your trading operation. This is to avoid future issues that could stymie corporate growth.

Types of Trading Business Permit (SIUP)

  1. “SIUP MIKRO”. It is eligible to trading companies that having a total capital and net value of less than Rp 50 million.
  2. “SIUP KECIL”. This SIUP is for trading companies with a total capital and net worth of Rp 50 to Rp 100 million.
  3. “SIUP MENENGAH”. A trading company with a total capital and net worth of between IDR 500 million and IDR 10 billion must have this SIUP.
  4. The last one is “SIUP BESAR”. Trading companies with a total capital and net worth of more than Rp 10 billion must own “SIUP BESAR”.

Capital and net value in this situation do not include the land and buildings on which the corporate entity stands.

SIUP is only valid for as long as the business entity is in operation.

The Function of Trading Business Permit (SIUP)

SIUP is the documentation of a person’s ownership of a business. It also serves other purposes besides validation of a trading firm. One of them allows SIUP owners to go abroad easier. The purposes of their trip such as vacationing with family, visiting relatives, attending business meetings, signing agreements, and other requirements.

When applying for a VISA, the embassy will usually require you to submit a SIUP as proof of having a business in Indonesia. Having a SIUP shows that you have a guaranteed amount of money from the capital and net worth mentioned in the SIUP. The embassy will be more likely to approve your VISA application because you have financial guarantee.

You should first change your SIUP from Indonesian to the target language/language of the destination country, such as English, Arabic, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin, and other languages.

Sworn Translation

SIUP translation should be translated by a sworn translator.  The translator’s signature and stamp on the SIUP translation result page is equal to being legalized by a notary. A sworn translator’s footnote ensures that the translation is done properly, correctly, and that the results are verified with the source document.

DEPKUMHAM, DEPLU, and EMBASSY have all received samples of the translator’s original signature and stamp, allowing the translation results to be accepted in other countries.

This is a step-by-step guide on translating SIUP so that it can be used internationally. Please reach us for SIUP translation assistance.

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