Translation Service for Articles of Association (AD/ART)

One of the services offered by Penerjemah Jakarta is the translation service for articles of association (AD/ART). This service is part of the company’s document translation services, which include articles of association (AD/ART), annual reports, monthly reports, manual books, SOP (standard operating procedures), marketing materials, product brochures, technical equipment brochures, deeds of company establishment, SIUP, TDP, deeds of agreement, letter of cooperation, MoU, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and more.

As one of the company’s important documents, AD/ART often uses a competent and experienced from the translator service provider like Penerjemah Jakarta. Document translation services, including the translation of AD/ART, are provided by skilled and certified professional translators at Penerjemah Jakarta.

The company’s and other organizations’ operations are regulated by the Articles of Association (AD/ART). This document covers all of a business’s basic provisions, such as the company’s vision and mission, ownership and management of the company, management’s tasks and authorities, and all of the regulations that will serve as a guide for the company’s day-to-day operations. If the company collaborates with third parties, AD/ART regulates not only the corporation’s internal affairs, but also its outward affairs.

Trusted Translator Recommendation

For more than ten years, Penerjemah Jakarta has been recognized as a reliable source for translating business documents. Official company documents, product completeness, marketing information, and partnership documents have all been translated by several of our clients. Our clients use not just document translation services, but also language interpreters to accompany business meetings.

Penerjemah Jakarta is willing to collaborate in order to meet the needs of companies and other organizations for translation services. If necessary, Penerjemah Jakarta can issue a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a formal manifestation of our dedication to protecting our clients’ trust. We can send a letter of collaboration that will allow for future conversation.

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