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The interpreter for the webinar plays a critical part in the success of the event. This is obtained because the reach of the audience can be expanded. Webinar participants who have difficulty understanding foreign languages can use the language version that they understand due to the availability of interpreting services.

On some webinar flyers, it is frequently mentioned that interpretation services will be available for the event. This indicates that a language interpreter is one of the most crucial services that participants consider. As a result, meeting planners, such as those who conduct webinars, must be aware of this.

Types of Interpreters Used for Webinar

There are several types of interpreters for webinar that can be used. Typically, it will be adjusted to the requirements, namely depending on the activity concept. Here are some of the most common types of interpreters used in webinars:

First, there’s Simultaneous Interpretation, which is the most popular service for virtual meetings like webinars.

Simultaneous interpreters follow the presenter and translate one after the other. This service requires a supporting feature on the meeting platform in the form of a “interpreter” function. Participants can select whether to listen to the speaker’s voice or the voice of the language interpreter as needed using this function. Several language interpreters can be provided in a single webinar, such as Indonesian – English, Indonesian – Mandarin, Mandarin – English, and so on.

The second is Simultaneous Typing Interpretation.

The only difference between this service and simultaneous interpreting is the translation output, which is in the form of text that appears on the main screen. Simultaneous Typing Interpreter works by translating one word at a time along the presenter, with the output being translated text in the form of live subtitles. This service has a greater level of complexity than simultaneous interpreting. In order to avoid errors, interpreters must be proficient in typing techniques in addition to being professional translators.

The third type of service is sign language interpretation services, which are in high demand in webinars.

Virtual meetings are almost identical to on-site meetings in terms of how sign language interpreters work. Following the presenter, the sign language interpreter will translate into sign language one by one. Typically, the video of the sign language interpreter is pinned to the presenter’s screen for easy viewing.

The success of your event will be determined not only by the type of interpreter, but also by the interpreter’s expertise and professionalism. So make sure you use a reputable professional interpretation provider, such as Penerjemah Jakarta.

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