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One of the services provided by Penerjemah Jakarta is the translation of company deeds. Penerjemah Jakarta has proven to have skilled and experienced staff as a trusted international document translation service provider. As a result, the company deed translation service provided by Penerjemah Jakarta is one of the services that many types of businesses want. If you need to translate the company deed, Penerjemah Jakarta is your best solution.

The Companies Must Be Selective in Choosing Vendors

Company documents are important documents that must be kept secure and confidential. Business records, such as company deeds, are not accessible to everyone. This is done to prevent irresponsible parties from misusing documents or data. As a result, if you require a translator for company deeds or other corporate documents, you have to choose carefully.

As an official document with legal standing, the company deed must be translated under oath. This is done to guarantee the document’s legitimacy. Furthermore, sworn translations shall be completed by sworn translators or translators who have been sworn in. As a result, documents prepared by sworn translators are thought to have a low risk of fraud and data misuse.

You should consider the legality of the translation service provider in addition to finding a reliable translator. Verify that the service provider is a legal entity in order to ensure the security of your documents. One company that provides sworn translator services for corporate documents is Penerjemah Jakarta, which is a legal entity and has proven to be reliable.

Many business and government organizations have signed up to use our services. Portfolio samples can be seen in the highlight part of the Penerjemah Jakarta website or the Penerjemah Jakarta Instagram account.

Apart from being proven experienced, competent, and qualified, the team of  Penerjemah Jakarta is also under the company’s supervision. The company is responsible for transaction security, so you don’t have to be worried about the safety of your documents.

How to order

Penerjemah Jakarta serves with both offline and online transactions. If you prefer to conduct business offline, you can go to the marketing office in Bekasi. For online purchases, contact the company’s marketing staff through one of the methods listed below. You can also get a free consultation.

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