A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a type of contract in which at least two parties agree to keep information confidential. The parties who signed this agreement are bound by it. NDA is normally familiar to those who have worked in the business and professional sector for a long period.

The NDA comprises the elements of the agreement that bind the parties involved, similar to a contract or cooperation agreement. The agreement’s items contain the agreed-upon cooperation contract, which includes each party’s rights, obligations, and responsibilities to the other. A breach of contract can be brought if one party breaks it, causing the other party to suffer a loss.

Translator of Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) Documents

The NDA document must be sworn translated if it is to be applied in another language. The translation of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is critical to guarantee that the original wording of the agreement document is accurately translated. To avoid errors, it is critical to hire sworn translator services to translate agreement documents.

The sworn translator’s signature and wet stamp can be found on the translated document. The translator’s identification is stamped on the stamp, indicating that he has translated the document accurately and substantially in accordance with the original manuscript. If an error occurs, the translator is willing to accept legal responsibility.

In addition, a sworn translator’s signature and seal serve a legislative function similar to a notary. As a result, official documents such as contract agreements can be accepted as valid without the requirement for extra legislation from the notary or the institution who issued the document if they are translated under oath.

Translation Service Provider for Corporate Document

Penerjemah Jakarta is one of the service providers for sworn translation of company documents and other professional documents. This company has been entrusted with providing translation services for a variety of documents, including translation and language interpreter services. The company, as well as its entire personnel, has over 14 years of expertise serving clients with their translation needs.

Penerjemah Jakarta can assist you with the translation of non-disclosure agreements, employment contracts, collaboration agreements, memorandums of understanding, and other formal documents. Please contact one of the contacts listed below for more information and appointments.

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