Translate Tax Identification Number (NPWP)

The Tax Identification Number, or NPWP, is a number that functions as a taxpayer’s identity. Individuals or legal entities/companies can own NPWP. A NPWP card with the taxpayer’s name, NPWP number, and address will be given to the NPWP bearer. In cases of tax payment, the NPWP number will always be used.

Use of Tax Identification Number (NPWP)

NPWP is frequently used as an administrative requirement in addition to tax matters. In terms of income tax matters, a NPWP is also one of the evidences that a person or corporation is an orderly taxpayer. The NPWP of legal companies can also be used to prove the company’s legality.

The translation of the NPWP is frequently used as one of the supporting documents in business dealings with other companies or countries. A sworn translator must translate both corporate and personal NPWP. Because the NPWP is a government-issued document, it must be translated by a sworn translator.

The sworn translator’s signature, full name, wet stamp, and footnote will be included with the translated NPWP document. The company where the translator is employed is also given. This part serves to legalize the translation results. This section can be used to organize legal action if it is necessary. With the help of the company where they work, sworn translators are prepared to bear responsibility for the entire content of the translation.

All documents translated under oath have the legal power of a notary’s authorization. If an institution does not require double legalization, the document’s sworn translation can be used right away. There’s no need to be worried because few authorities need double confirmation. As a result, using the services of a sworn translator is appropriate.

Penerjemah Jakarta is one of the service providers for sworn translators with experience working on a variety of official company documents. This business has been providing the translation needs of numerous types of documents for over 14 years. For translation purposes, we’ve cooperated with a number of private companies and government entities.

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