The demand for sign language interpreter service is growing. This is because the usage of sign language interpreters is critical for a variety of objectives. One of them is a service that provides sign language interpreters for interviews.

Various parties support the equal rights of people with disabilities to acquire equal opportunities in areas such as education, work, health care, and a variety of other services.

This is evidenced by institutions’ willingness to welcome students with disabilities into diverse academic programs that do not require certain physical ability. There are also several job openings in the government, BUMN, BUMS, and other private businesses. As a result, in the interview process, sign language skills are required.

Use of Sign Language Interpreters

One of the services that is increasingly being requested is sign language interpreter service especially for webinars. If sign language interpreter services were previously only utilized for webinars or seminars, they are now also commonly employed for job interviews and video recording.

Not everyone is fluent in sign language. It is anticipated that speaking in sign language without the assistance of specialists may lead to misunderstandings. The interview in sign language can run smoothly with the support of an interpreter. Even if it is in sign language, both parties can appropriately transmit and interpret what the other side is saying.

Professional Interpreter Service

You’ve come to the right place if you require sign interpreter service for webinars; offline meetings like seminars and training; internet meetings like webinars, talk shows, and training; video shooting or other activities.

Penerjemah Jakarta is a service provider for a variety of interpretation services, including document translation, foreign interpretation, sign language interpretation, and so on. We are prepared to assist you with your requirements in a professional way. Please contact the administrator for further information.

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