Remote sign language interpretation is one of the translation services provided by Penerjemah Jakarta. The remote sign language interpreter works remotely, meaning it is not present at the event location. A video call is usually used to bring in a sign language interpreter.

Remote sign language interpreting is a high-demand sign language interpreter service, particularly for virtual meetings. Online business meetings, online conferences, webinars, workshops, online classes, skill training, and other activities use this service.

Remote sign language translation services are frequently used in news broadcasts on television and other broadcasting channels such as Youtube, in addition to meeting activities. Sign language interpreters are typically dressed in black with a blue background in both meeting activities and news reporting. Typically, the sign language interpreter display is on one side of the screen.

The advantages of using a remote interpreter

Remote sign language interpreting is not only easier technically, but it is also more cost-effective. The event organizer does not have to cover the costs of the interpreter’s transportation and accommodation. This service can be used as long as the interpreter has supporting equipment, the capacity to use these tools, and an internet connection to connect virtually during the activity. Professional interpreters usually have all of the necessary equipment and know how to use it appropriately.

Recommendations For Sign Language Interpreter Services

One of the tools for standardizing the competency of a translation, whether interpreter or translator, is professional certification. Professional sign language interpreters are often required to be licensed. Professional certification of sign language interpreters is available in Indonesia through INASLI (Indonesian Sign Language Interpreters) or PLI (Professional Sign Language Interpreters) (Sign Language Interpreter Service Center). So, certainly, make sure the interpreter is officially certified.

All sign language interpreters at Penerjemah Jakarta, for example, hold valid certificates from INASLI and PLI. In addition to being proven professionals, our team has handled a wide range of topics and materials for translation. As a result, Penerjemah Jakarta’s interpreter services are recognized for being professional and of high quality.

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