International seminar is an international meeting event which usually held in academic setting to discuss about a certain theme. The speakers in an international seminar are experts from various countries. A reputable international seminar usually should invite experts from minimum 4 or 5 countries. The audiences or members of the seminar could also participate to present their research about the seminar’s theme.

The Importance of Interpreter Service in International Seminar

Since the experts whose invited and the audiences in an international seminar come from different countries, interpreter service held an important role. The interpreter will help the participants to understand each other by providing a verbal translation between pairs of languages.

The interpreter also should be competent to translate the discussion to avoid misinterpretation. Not only expert in language translation, the interpreter should also translate accurately the academic terms that is used by the experts. That’s why, the interpreter for international seminar should also have an understanding about the seminar theme to a certain level. The international seminar also can be held virtually or remotely, therefore, you can also hire a remote interpreter service.

Interpreter Services Provider

The company that provides professional interpreter services is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta has been working in the translation and interpreter service for more than 15 years. Our consecutive interpreter and simultaneous interpreter are experts that can work on-site or remotely with an accurate and high-quality translation.

The remote interpreters that work with consecutive technique are called remote consecutive interpreters (RCI). While the remote interpreters that use simultaneous technique are called remote simultaneous interpreters (RSI). The interpreter for international seminar often using remote simultaneous interpreter service.

As a professional translation company, Penerjemah Jakarta also has been working with public and private institutions in providing an interpreter for many purposes.

If you want to hire a professional interpreter for an international seminar or other purposes, please contact us through one of the contacts listed below.

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