The era of globalization and digitalization affect the economic growth and strategies of countries, one of them is China. Based on the data from, the China’s share of global gross domestic product rose to reach almost 19% in 2022. In 2021, there were 592,000 Chinese workers overseas, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce. In 2022, China investment to Indonesia alone as one of the largest economy activities in South-East Asia reached 5.18 billion US$ with 1500 projects.

To do business and projects in Indonesia, Chinese company or business owner should build a connection with Indonesian. The difference in languages is not a problem since you can hire a Mandarin-Indonesian interpreter to help you communicate easily with locals.

The use of professional translator

A professional Mandarin-Indonesian interpreter also can help you with business process that needs communication in Indonesian with locals and authorities. Process such as labour recruitment, tax, company documents, etc. need an understanding of Indonesian language to be done perfectly. For important legal company documents you can also use Mandarin-Indonesian sworn translator to translate Mandarin to Indonesian.

Professional company that provides Mandarin-Indonesian translator is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta is experienced in translation and interpretation services for more than 15 years.

Penerjemah Jakarta has worked providing translation services to public and private institutions. We can translate Mandarin to Indonesian, vice versa. Penerjemah Jakarta also provides translation service for many purposes, such as social media content translation, website content translation, User Interface (UI) translation, presentation materials translation, etc.

So, if you need a Mandarin-Indonesian translator or the other translation services, please contact us through one of the contacts listed below.

Penerjemah Jakarta

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