Translating checklist documents for a company is one of the services provided by Penerjemah Jakarta that is in high demand. A checklist document is usually translated by a general translator but there is also a checklist document that is translated by a sworn translator. The choice of using a general translator or sworn translator service is based on the type of documents. A sworn translator will be chosen to translate a legal document, while a general document translated by a general translator.

What if we translate a general document but it is confidential?

In Penerjemah Jakarta we guarantee the confidentiality of client’s document, be it a sworn translation service or general translation service. As a professional translation company, Penerjemah Jakarta takes your trust and privacy into account. As the prove of our commitment, we also can provide NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to the client. NDA is a written agreement between Penerjemah Jakarta with our clients about the agreement to provide service with some clause or agreement.

SOP document translation

One of the company documents that is on demand is a checklist document such as SOP. The SOP document is important for the success of a company, because it is an important guide for employees to do their jobs. The quality of an SOP document affected the quality of the product or service provided by a company. For that reason, SOP document is often confidential.

Penerjemah Jakarta gets a lot of checklists document translation orders for companies. A checklist document translation service is translated by a professional translator that has a HPI certification. The document translation service in Penerjemah Jakarta also comes with a post transaction-service. The post transaction-service includes a request for revision within 7 days since you receive the translation result.

If you need a checklist document translation service that guarantees the quality and confidentiality of the document, please contact our marketing staff by one of our contacts below.

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