Medical Report Translation

A medical report is an official document written by a medical professional after a medical examination or check-up. A medical report contains comprehensive information about a person’s clinical history such as consultations, medical examinations, test results, and even a prescription or suggestion. To get a medical report, a person should make an appointment with a doctor or hospital to do a medical examination.

A medical record document is important because it is required in a lot of situations. Applying for jobs, scholarship, study admission, document requirement to make a visa, etc. are the situations that require you to have a medical report. If you apply for jobs or scholarships abroad, or if you want to make a visa to go abroad, then the medical report needs to be translated.

Sworn translator for the medical report translation

Medical report translation should be translated by a professional translator or in a case of a formal situation, a sworn translator is required. A sworn translator is a certified translator who has taken an oath to provide an accurate and high-quality translation. The medical report translation should be done accurately because it contains a sensitive information about a person’s medical record. A mistake in translation will be problematic because it is related to the medical report owner’s health condition.

A translation company that offers a sworn translator service for any purposes is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta is a legal entity with over 15 years of experience in document translation services. Our company has a highly qualified and professional sworn translator.

So, if you need a sworn translation service to do a medical report translation, Penerjemah Jakarta will gladly help you. You can check our samples and portfolios in our website ( or our social media. You can also visit our Google Business to see our client’s review.

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