Back-to-back Translation for Research Purposes

Every researcher or person who works in the academic field wants to make and publish high-quality international research. A good quality research should provide robust evidence, be ethical, adhere to professionalism, and be accountable. To make such a good quality research, a researcher should read a lot of books and journals, formulate research questions, do experiments, and write the research reports to be published.

In all of those processes, a researcher will need to translate documents such as books and journals, questionnaires, reports, etc. Moreover, if the research was done in an international scale with international respondents, using a high-quality translation service is a must. A type of translation service that is needed to do the job is back-to-back translation.

A back-to-back translation is a service to translate a translated documents into their origin language. A back-to-back translation is needed to make sure that the translation is correct and there is no mistranslation. Thus, a back-to-back translation should be done by an expert translator.

A questionnaire in good research should be valid, it means that the questionnaire is able to collect the right and actual information without misinterpretation. Moreover, if the respondents are from different countries, using back-to-back translation services to translate the questionnaire is important.

Professional translation service

A translation company that provides back-to-back translation services for research purposes is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta is a legal company that had been experienced in providing translation services for more than 15 years. The translators that are provided by Penerjemah Jakarta are experts that can do high quality translation services.

If you need an expert translator that can do back-to-back translation services for research, you can contact us and we will gladly help you. You can also access our website ( to check our portfolios. For further information and order, please contact our customer services by our contacts below.

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