A professional company or organization should have a system to make sure that their products or services have a consistent quality. To do so, all process in the company should have a certain standard to be followed. A document that defines the quality management system of a company or organization and demonstrate how the quality management system should applied is a Quality Manual.

A quality manual contained instruction and policies regarding all aspects and processes that affect the company ability to make a high-quality product or service. The quality manual can vary in complexity and format depend on the policy and the needs of the company. Company manual often is made to fulfil ISO requirements criteria such as ISO 9001:2015 for quality management system, ISO 13485 Quality Manual for Medical Devices manufacturer, ISO 17025 for Lab Quality Management System, etc.

The needs to translate a quality manual document

The quality manual should be understood by all employee and the boards, so it should be made in clear sentences with a language that can be understood by all employee. Most of the time, a quality manual should be translated to other languages, especially in multinational company, where the employee, customer, shareholder, and boards, come from different countries. Quality manual translation also help with audit process, since the auditor of a company, can be from different country to the employee or boards.

Professional document translator

Quality manual document should be translated by the experts to prevent any mistakes or misunderstanding. It is also recommended to use a professional translator service to translate the quality manual document. That is because a professional translator should be qualified to make a high-quality translation. Moreover, a professional translator will protect the document’s privacy. The document privacy protection is needed because in some case, a certain procedure to ensure quality in a quality manual is a company secret.

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