A trade business license or trade license is a legal document that provides the legitimacy of a company and grants it a right to do trade. In Indonesia, a trade business license (also known as SIUP; Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan) is a document that is needed by a company to engage in general commercial activities. The company that wants to involved in the provision of goods and services in Indonesia should have a trade business license.

The benefit of having a trade business license

Alongside its function as a legal proof of business ownership, a trade business license is also a required document to join trading events that are held by the government. The document is also helpful in administrative and business development, simplifying export and import processes, while also increasing the company’s credibility. A trade business license is also one of the requirements to apply for VISA.

After having a trade business license, you will need to translate it if you want to use it in international trade. That is because the trade business license is issued in Indonesian language. Translating a trade business license should be done by a sworn translator since it is a legal document that should be translated correctly.

The sworn translator is a professional translator who is qualified and certified by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The stamp and signature of a sworn translator on the document’s translation legalized the translation as being legalized by a notary. Being translated by a sworn translator also ensures that the translation was done properly and correctly.

Sworn translation services to translate a business trade license document

The translation company that provides a sworn translation service to translate a business trade license is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta is an experienced translation company that provides professional translation services, including a sworn translation to translate a business trade license. We provide translation services for various purposes such as a trade business license, deed of establishment, tax documents, academic documents, etc. We are also experienced in providing translation services to individuals, companies, NGOs, and government entities.

If you have a trade business license and need a sworn translator to translate the document, we will gladly help you. For further information, please reach us by our contacts below.

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