China’s steadily growing influence in the economic and diplomatic field is expanding globally. The Silk Road program planned by the Chinese government reaches through nations and continents. Development programs across the globe are influenced by China in terms of economic investment, loans, or workers. In technology and pharmaceutics, China is also one of the important leading nations.

In the trade business, China’s products, especially electronics and appliances are well known internationally for their innovations and cheap prices. But to build a partnership with suppliers from China, you should be able to communicate in Mandarin language. That is because Chinese communication platforms ranging from online marketplace to their social media such as Weebo and TikTok mainly use Mandarin language. Thus, if you want to build a connection with China, having a Mandarin translation service provider is a must. A Mandarin translation service provider will help you to communicate by translating documents or conversations that are needed to build a partnership.

Professional translation company services

A translation company that provides a Mandarin translation service is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional translation service provider that can help you translate documents into various languages including Mandarin. We are experienced and have worked with private organizations, government, NGOs, etc.

We can provide a Mandarin translation service to help you communicate in international partnership with Chinese partners. Our Mandarin translating services include translating trading documents, demand and supply processes, haggling, etc. We can even translate the conversations between you and your Chinese product supplier. If you need a Mandarin interpreter to help you communicate verbally with them, Penerjemah Jakarta can also provide a professional interpreter service.

Penerjemah Jakarta is open to a partnership with your company. So if you want to start an international trade partnership with Chinese companies and need a Mandarin translation or interpreter service, we will gladly help you. You can check our portfolios on our website (www.penerjemah and social media. For order and further information please reach us through our contacts below.

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