Conducting international research is a common thing for academics and researchers in this globalization era. International topics and research fields require a wide range of respondents and data to get objective and generalized conclusions. To obtain objective data without personal and cultural interference, the research should be conducted across nations and linguistic borders. Thus, the research instruments such as surveys and questionnaires to get the data should be accurate and culturally sensitive or appropriate. Therefore, back-to-back translation services should be used to build the research instruments.

What is back-to-back translation?

The back-to-back translation is a translation of documents that involves two processes. First, a professional translator with expertise in both the source and target languages translates the original document into the target language. Then, a second translator who is native to the target language translates the translated version back into the source language. These processes can reveal any errors or unclear passages in the initial translation before the instruments are used. It also helps to identify cultural terms misinterpretations in the translated material because the translators have different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, the validity and quality of the instruments in terms of structure validity are guaranteed.

Trusted company for your translation needs

A translation company that provides back-to-back translation services for research purposes is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional translation service company that can help you translate documents including back-to-back translation for research instruments. We can help you to translate surveys, questionnaires, forms, and other research instruments via back-to-back translation. Our translators are language experts, and also experts in various fields who can do a high-quality back-to-back translation. We are also experienced and have worked with researchers, private organizations, education institutions, government, NGOs, etc.

If you want to do research involving international respondents and need a back-to-back translation to translate your research instruments, we will gladly help you. You can check our portfolios on our website (www.penerjemah and social media. For order and further information, you can reach us through our contacts below.

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