Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting

The process of interpreting is the translation of spoken language from one language to another. There are numerous types of interpreting. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting are two types of interpreting that are frequently used in events. The way the interpreter works in both cases is different.

These differences can be explained in the following way. A professional interpreter is someone who works to translate spoken words from one language to another. As a result, interpreting is a profession, and the interpreter is the one who performs the work.

Translation and interpreting are not the same thing. The translation of written language from one language to another is known as translation. As a result, the two work on different objects. If the interpreter is translating the spoken language and the translator is translating the written language.

If a translator has the option of opening a dictionary or reference before translating, then the interpreter does not. Due to a lack of time, the interpreter was unable to access a dictionary or reference book at all. They must submit the translation results as soon as possible.

What’s the Difference Between Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting?

As previously stated, the most often used services are consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. When participants do not use the Simultaneous Interpreting System tool, consecutive interpreting is frequently used. When the speaker in front of the group presents the content, the interpreter will translate and pronounce it in the target language for the audience to hear. The translation process is carried out alternately, meaning that the translator will speak the target language when the speaker pauses. Thus, in consecutive interpreting, the speech sequence is consecutive speaker – interpreter -consecutive speaker – interpreter, and so on.

Simultaneous interpreting, on the other hand, is typically used during international seminars, bilateral meetings, and other events where participants use the Simultaneous Interpreting System. When the speaker in the front of the room delivers the material, the interpreter in the back of the room works on translating it into the target language. The technician at the transmitter will then process the translation results to ensure that the sound quality is perfectly clear. Furthermore, the voice is transmitted to the participants’ wireless receiver and headset.

The translation step is performed out almost simultaneously in this kind of interpretation. This means that the translator will speak the target language to the speaker with no or little pause. Thus, the speech sequence is the speaker – simultaneous interpreter with no pause – speaker – simultaneous interpreter with no pause, and so on.

Simultaneous Interpretation Involves the Following: Simultaneous Interpreting System (SIS) is a System that Allows Two People to Speak at the Same Time

Simultaneous interpreting requires the use of a comprehensive technology known as the Simultaneous Interpreting System. Our office also provides this equipment on a professional standard. A transmitter for a number of language pairs, a booth for a number of interpreters working [one booth can accommodate two interpreters], and a wireless receiver headset for a number of participants who require it are included in this equipment rental.

Before placing an order, all quantities must be confirmed. Depending on the agreement of both parties, our office technicians will load and set the tools on the Day -1 of the event or a few hours before. The technician will be on hand on D-day to distribute the instruments and collect them from the participants after they are finished, as well as to manage the entire simultaneous interpreting operation.

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