An international event that involves audiences from various countries needs interpreter services. An interpreter is a language expert who mediates communication verbally. In international events such as conferences, the interpreter will translate the speaker’s speech into the language of the audience verbally.

The interpreter can work on-site or remotely. The interpreter who works remotely is a remote interpreter. A remote interpreter doesn’t have to be present on the event’s site because the service is provided via online communication. The remote interpreter mediates communication between the speaker and the audience via an online communication device and e-conference software. Hence, the quality of the service depends on the technology and internet service.

A remote interpreter should have a set of audio devices with good quality such as headphones, microphones, and sound mixers. The audio devices should have a minimum delay when sending and processing voices. In addition, the internet service also should have a high speed and low buffering in sending data. This is to ensure that the interpreting process can run smoothly.

Professional remote interpreter services provider

A company that provides remote interpreter services is Penerjemah Jakarta. Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional translation company that works in the translation service field including remote interpreter service. The remote interpreter services provided by Penerjemah Jakarta are equipped with high-quality audio devices and fast internet services.

Henceforth, the remote interpreter service quality is guaranteed. As a professional translation company, Penerjemah Jakarta has worked with companies, NGOs, and government institutions in many international events.

If you need a remote interpreter service, just contact us, and we will gladly help you. You can also check our service and portfolios on our website and our social media. For further information and order, you can reach us via our contact below.

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