A business meeting is an important routine for a company. In a business meeting, important reports were presented and critical decisions were made. Hence, in an important business meeting, all boards and employees will be present. Even sometimes, investors will be allowed to take part in business meetings.

In an international company, where the boards, employees, and investors can be from different nationalities, a means to bridge communication should be prepared. Hiring a professional interpreter for your business meeting is a way to make communication more effective.

The importance of an interpreter for a business meeting

A professional interpreter works by translating the speaker’s speech into the audience’s language verbally. The processes of interpreting were done by using a set of audio devices to listen to the speech, and sending the translation verbally to the listener via a microphone and a listening device. Considering the process of translating and interpreting happened so fast, an interpreter should be an expert in verbal translation.

The role of an interpreter in a business meeting is important. That’s why a qualified professional interpreter should be hired for this job. A company that provides professional interpreter service for a business meeting is Penerjemah Jakarta.

Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional translation company that works in the translation service field including interpreter service. In providing interpreter service for meetings, Penerjemah Jakarta is experienced in working with companies, NGOs, and government institutions.

If you need an interpreter service for your business meeting, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you hold international business meetings regularly, we are also open for partnership with your company. You can also check our service and portfolios on our website and our social media. For further information and order, you can contact us via our contact below.

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