In an international conference where the participants have different language backgrounds, there is an interpreter who translates speech or conversation verbally. An interpreter provides verbal translation service by translating when someone speaks and then relays the translation to the audience or listener verbally.

A professional interpreter company provides professional services with experienced interpreters and appropriate tools and technology. The interpreters in a professional interpreter company should have a certified interpreting skill, qualified education or training, and experience. The professional interpreter should be able to do simultaneous or consecutive interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter translates the speech as the speaker speaks. On the other hand, consecutive interpreting is done by relaying the speech’s translation after the speaker stops speaking.

The tools and technology that are used in a professional interpreter company should also support onsite and online interpreting. In onsite or offline interpreting, the interpreter relays the speech’s translation either by microphone or directly to the listener’s headset. This way requires a good speaker, headset, and sound mixer. In a more professional interpreter company, the interpreters do their job in a custom booth. This technology is usually named SIS (simultaneous interpreting system).

A professional and experienced company

Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional interpreter company with experienced-qualified interpreters supported by complete and appropriate tools. Our interpreters have qualifications in the interpretation field.

We can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreter services according to your needs. Tools and equipment in Penerjemah Jakarta are also qualified to do either onsite interpreter service or online interpreter service with high-quality services. We are also experienced in providing interpreter services for national and international events held by private companies or government institutions.

If you need a professional interpreter service, as a professional interpreter company we will gladly help you. We will make sure that you will have a high-quality interpreter service according to your requirements. You can check our portfolios on our website ( or in our social media. For further information and order, please reach out to our customer service by our contacts below!

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