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An international meeting is a common activity in this globalization era, where cooperation across nations is important to solve world issues. National and geographical borders are no longer considered a barrier to working together in front of advanced information technology. Building relations and working together in various areas is the way to advance our quality of life in all aspects. That way, we can support and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses to solve the world’s problems.

A meeting event where people across nations can meet with the same goals and build relationships is an international meeting. International meetings can be conducted by people with similar interests or areas of expertise such as international forums on certain topics. The topics of the international forum can be education, social, research, economics, science, etc. International meetings also can be conducted in the form of international events such as sports, art, games, exhibitions, etc.

The importance of the interpreter services for international meetings

Organizing an international meeting is an arduous task. We should consider the venue, timetable, security, budget, etc. However, the most important thing is to mediate the cultural and linguistic differences between participants. The language differences might create a communication barrier between participants. To solve this problem, interpreter services are often needed in international meetings.

An interpreter works by translating the speaker’s speech into the audience’s language verbally. The type of interpreters or interpretation techniques can be classified into two, consecutive and simultaneous interpreters. The consecutive interpreting technique does verbal translation of the speaker’s speech after the speaker stops speaking. Meanwhile, the simultaneous interpreter translates the speaker’s speech verbally as the speaker speaks. Both consecutive and simultaneous interpreters can work for international meeting.

Professional interpreter company

Penerjemah Jakarta is a professional translation company that can provide the services of consecutive and simultaneous interpreters for meetings. The interpreters in Penerjemah Jakarta are experienced experts in translation and interpreter services. Thus, the interpreters in Penerjemah Jakarta can do both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. As a professional company, Penerjemah Jakarta also has the tools and technology to support onsite and remote interpreter services. Hence, the interpreter’s services can also be used in international meetings with online or offline settings. Moreover, we are experienced in providing interpreter services for international meetings or events held by private companies or government institutions.

If you want to organize an international meeting and need a professional interpreter service, we will be happy to help. We will ensure that you will get a qualified consecutive and simultaneous interpreter service. You can check our portfolios on our website ( or in our social media.

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