A factory tour is a tour to visit a company or factory, as a program to improve public relations by inviting people to observe the work or manufacturing process in a factory. This factory tour can also be an attraction to visitors or an educational purpose for students who want to join the program. In a factory tour, the visitors will be guided to see the manufacturing process of a product, from the raw material, producing process, to the packaging process. In the food and beverage factories, the visitors can also taste a product sample.

Some of the factories that do factory tour programs are PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Hyundai Motor, Red Bull, Boeing, etc. The factory tour can even be the main attraction when visiting a factory such as in Monggo Chocolate Factory in Yogyakarta.

The guide who will lead the visitors on a factory tour will explain everything in the local language. For this reason, foreign tourists will require the services of an interpreter. An interpreter is a language expert who can translate a speech and deliver the translation verbally. The interpreter is able to translate simultaneously as the speaker speaks or after the speaker finishes the speech. In a factory tour, it is more effective to hire an interpreter who can do simultaneous interpreting so that you can understand the guide’s explanation at the moment the guide explains something.

Professional Interpreter Agency

The company which can provide an expert interpreter service for factory tours in Indonesia is Penerjemah Jakarta. Our interpreters are translation experts who can do simultaneous interpreting that is needed as the interpreter service for factory tours in Indonesia. We also provide interpreter services for meetings, conferences, seminars, vacation guides for foreign visitors, etc. As a professional company, we have worked with private companies, government institutions, and NGOs in providing interpreter services.

If you want to provide an interpreter service for a factory tour in Indonesia, we will gladly help you. For further information and order, you can reach out to our customer service by our contacts below.

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